Hash Suite 3.5 Crack With License Key Free DownloadHash Suite 3.5 Crack With License Key Free Download

Hash Suite 3.5 Crack

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Hash Suite 3.5 Crack With License Key Free Download

Hash Suite 3.5 Crack With License Key Free Download


Storing user passwords in plain text naturally results in an instant compromise of all passwords if the password file is compromised. To reduce this danger, Windows applies a cryptographic hash function, which transforms each password into a hash, and stores this hash. This hash function is one-way in the sense that it is infeasible to infer a password back from its hash, except via the trial and error approach described below. To authenticate a user, the password presented by the user is hashed and compared with the stored hash.

Hash Suite, like all other password hash crackers, does not try to “invert” the hash to obtain the password (which might be impossible). It follows the same procedure used by authentication: it generates different candidate passwords (keys), hashes them and compares the computed hashes with the stored hashes. This approach works because users generally select passwords that are easy to remember, and as a side-effect these passwords are typically easy to crack. Another reason why this approach is so very effective is that Windows uses password hash functions that are very fast to compute, especially in an attack (for each given candidate password). More information about password cracking can be found here.

Hash Suite 3.5 Crack With License Key Free Download

Regardless of the activities for which you are using a computer, sooner or later you need to create a password to keep your data safe. Most importantly, one of the most commonly encountered security gates is before your computer reaches the desktop, where user credentials need to be provided. In order to test out strength, applications such as Hash Suite let you import several account type credentials while attempting to crack it from the hash.

Test accounts for multiple machines

An important advantage is the office suite like interface, which quickly gets you up and running thanks to the well-organized upper toolbar and intuitive icons. The rest of the space is a list of imported items, displaying username, hash and clear text.

Right from the start, you are prompted by a wizard that offers several hints of what is to come. Account credentials can fetched from the local machine, a local area network, pwdump or cachedump file. For security reasons, administrator privileges are required so that the correct details can be gathered.

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Hash Suite 3.5 Crack With License Key Free Download

Hash Suite Key-Providers

Hash Suite offers a number of different ways (named key-providers) to generate candidate passwords (which are sometimes referred to as keys):

  • Charset: Generates keys trying all combinations of a given charset. Also called brute-force.
  • Wordlist: Generates keys taking them from a dictionary. Very successful and requires low resources.
  • Keyboard: Generates keys trying combinations of adjacent keys on a keyboard.
  • Phrases: Generates phrases combining words from a wordlist. Useful to try long passwords.
  • DB Info: Generates keys taking all usernames/found passwords. Useful with rules enabled.
  • LM2NT: Alters the case of characters in cracked LM hash passwords to instantly crack the corresponding NTLM hash passwords.

Hash Suite also supports rules that can be applied to all key-providers. Rules are common transformations to base words that many users make to form passwords (for example, the word “love” might result in a password of “Love12”).

Various password types to check

Depending on the analysis you need done, the application is able to narrow down search results and only provide passwords of the LM, NTLM or DCC format, with additional options letting you choose the key provider, which can be charset, wordlist, keyboard, phrases, DB info, as well as LM2NT.

Multiple test cases to run

What’s more, a dedicated section gives you the possibility to specify rules by which a virtual attack to target imported data. You can quickly select both common and less common methods for enhanced results, but it can take some time. Various character combination possibilities can be selected from the available fields, since password type requirements might have mandatory requirements of upper case letters, numbers or special characters.

Hash Suite 3.5 Crack With License Key Free Downloadv

Force change of weak passwords

Furthermore, depending on the gathered result, additional tools let you force specific users to have their passwords changed, if cracking was no problem for the application, or completely disable an account. What’s more, you can test out new passwords with the help of a hash calculator that provides the result in LM and NTLM, with the possibility to export data.

Obtain “Hash Suite”

Purchase it or you can download the free version.

When the download completes unzip the file and execute Hash_Suite_64.exe (this executes the 64 bits version that is faster than the 32 bits). The Welcome dialog (fig 1) appears at first run with some basic information. Press Enteror click the OK button to dismiss.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Hash Suite can definitely come in handy, especially in environments that keep highly important data on hard disk drives. Algorithms used to attempt and crack your password might take some time, but in the end, a little patience might keep your personal data or job safe.


  • LM maximum key length of 6.
  • NTLM and MSCASH maximum key length of 7.
  • Reports saved only in PDF format.
  • Reports are watermarked.


  • Minimum CPU: Pentium III

New in Hash Suite 3.5:

  • BREAKING CHANGE: Billions of non-salted hashes now supported with good performance.
  • Query creator/executor.
  • ~3x less disk space use.
  • Hashes are automatically cached in memory if loading them from disk is slow.

Hash Suite 3.5 Crack With License Key Free Downloadv

General Features

  • Smarter cracking. (Do not repeat cracking, use incremental mode when applicable …).
  • Use IA or Data Mining to find patterns in passwords.
  • Batch templates.
  • Other OS support (Mac OSX, Linux…)
  • Logging solution to see what happens in every step.
  • A version using the command line interface.
  • Import DCC (MSCASH) hashes locally and remotely.
  • Import accounts remotely given an account, not logged-in.
  • Schedule automatic security cycle: load hashes from a server, perform common attacks and fix weak accounts.
  • Detection of CPU temperature.

DB Management

  • Encrypt the database.
  • Make a backup of the database (should be compacted).
  • Merge other DB with the DB of applications.
  • Use another database gestor like MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL…
  • Defragment database.

Key Providers

  • Incremental key-provider that do not repeat characters.
  • More rules.
  • Better leet rules.
  • Support more compressed wordlists formats.
  • Distributed cracking (Communication encrypted, the clients send the cleartext to the server for the test, …)
  • Mask attack where the user provides additional information about the password.


  • More formats support.
  • Crack at the same time NTLM and DCC (MSCASH).

How To Install?

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3: Open Download File.
4: Click on Install.
5: Follow The Instructions.
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